Jan 27, 2011

“Imagine a jamming session with Nirvana and Napalm Death. Now, add a little flavor of Toronto’s youthful metal scene. That’s Dawn Vally – grunge attitude and metal in the harder end of the scale. This was obviously popular with the crowd at The Concert Music Hall last Friday. From the very first song, the young metal gals’n’dudes were raising devil horns and doing their thing in the moshpit.”

Stephen, Stephane who?



Who is going to win the national election?

You want to get some blank stares, go out and ask that question on a Friday night in Toronto.

“There’s an election?” said Dillon Henthorn.

The 18-year-old and his bandmates in Dawn Vally, Bartolo brothers Jeff, 20, Joe, 26, and Nick, 18, admit they are not at all into the political scene. They are recording an album and getting ready for a big show Nov. 15 at Duffy’s tavern on Bloor St. They would invite the prime minister, but they say they are not really sure who that is.

The world was tuned into the debates to see which candidate fared better. Yeah, right! All kidding aside, I went over to the Starbucks near the Sun building and just did an informal poll — based on that question. Not only did most not know which election I was talking about, but did not even realize both Canada and the U.S. are in the midst of campaigns.

Just as many did not know who the candidates were — even our prime minister’s name.

“I admit I don’t know any of that,” says 27-year-old Monique Wiseman. “I have a young daughter and I am pregnant, I work full time, so I just don’t have time to watch TV.”

She’s too busy for any of it. Her focus is on daughter Serenity and getting to work and back home to her. A delightful person, by the way. A giant smile and I found a heck of a lot more interesting than some people I know who know the middle names of every candidate. Same goes for all of these people I met. The guys in Dawn Vally are not going to be on Reach for the Top like Stephen Harper was. But they don’t want to be. And these guys are still cooler.